Welcome to PyrHaven-the-blog for the PyrHaven.etsy.com site, Totes-for-TaTa's and Merry Mary's Marvelous Munchies - the book that took me a year to get done.

Totes-for-TaTa's is a project of the heart, that began with several totes made with pink ribbon fabric and coupled with a polar fleece blanket made from similar patterns, for friends and family who are fighting breast cancer.  So many of them were asked where they got their bags, they suggested I make them available for sale.

My husband also encouraged me, so the idea was born to use up all the fabric I just "had to have", turn it into tote bags, Netbook bags, iPad cases, and whatever else I could dream up and donate a portion of each sale to a couple of local charities.  These include our local the Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Network (a local LGBT organization) and a local rescue shelter that we adopted all of our kitties from.

Our life is ruled by a pair of Great Pyrenees dogs, thus the store name.  We're on our second set, and as with the first, we couldn't have "just one".   The house is ruled by a 6 lb. rescue cat with the cutest tail, appropriately named Tink.  She owns us all.

In addition to projects available for sale, from time to time I will be posting pictures of completed/in progress needlework, fun sewing projects, and my new obsession of restoring vintage sewing machines.  The first of which is the "Black Betty" project; the complete overhaul of my grandmother's Singer Model 15 from 1942.

I hope you find this site useful, or at least fun!

Need to reach me?  Email me at pyrhaven@gmail.com

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