Totes for Ta-Ta's

Pyrhaven's Totes-for-Ta-Ta's donated several items this past week for fund raisers. With this economy I figured a few lower priced items might be fun to have and they're for organizations that are much needed and totally community funded.

G.I.F.T. was giving this pretty little Christmas themed tote for their dinner auction next week.  G.I.F.T. is short for Gays in Faith Together and does wonderful work in our community. You can reach them here:

Notice on the back, I added a little gift package shaped button for a bit of whimsy. I just LOVE the Hope/Peace/Joy fabric, it's so pretty! (It's that fabric addiction gene at work again).

The Network (a.ka. The LGBT Network of Western Michigan) had it's Saving-One-Life annual fund raiser last night and they rocked the house! In addition to this fun tote bag that many of my existing fans have asked for a version of, I donated 2 gift certificates for a custom tote of any size, fabric, and colors.  Not sure if they all got sold or not, I hope so, even if only for $5.  The money is going to a much needed program.

The Network is an important organization for Grand Rapids, providing a range of support and services to the LGBTQ community.

I love making this rainbow fabric totes, and not just because of the connotation attached to them, because I can do some much with mixing and matching lining colors, pockets, handles. One of my favorite ones turned out pretty busy, but fun. I used a peace sign fabric that was a rainbow in itself and lined it with a polka dot fabric. I also it made it fully reversible so that it could be used with either side out.

Also on sale now:

The classic Totes for Ta-Ta's tote bag in Cupcake fabric and Hello Kitty, and soon there will be more pink ribbon fabric totes with hand stitched "Hope" pockets.

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