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In just a week I managed to go from one 15 year old Kenmore, and both of my grandmother's vintage machines (a White and a Singer) to 7 machines!  I won several bids, ranging from $6 for a Kenmore in a cabinet, to $41 for a Singer in a wooden case.  Now I have a vintage machine obsession and addiction.

Newest find - December 2011

I finally got a treadle!  And a White treadle with all of it's attachments no less. Sweet deal for $25.  Here's the front of the cabinet...I love these cabinets!  It's hard to see, but the word "White" is on scrolled cross the front and on each side of the iron work.

And here's her pretty front:

My latest finds have been a Kenmore 158.433, a Singer 101 (rarer than I thought), and a White in a cabinet that came with "no attachments are included".  All told, still less than $50 including shipping for the 101.

Kenmore 158.433 - winning bid $14
Name: Violet Vixen
I just had to have it for the color.  She's missing her tension assembly, but that's a cheap $15 fix.

White Model 77 - winning bid $6
Yes, it came with the gorgeous cabinet, which is why I bid on it, and woo-hoo it has ALL of it's original attachments and a Greist buttonholer.

Singer 101 - winning bid $5
The power cord doesn't work quite right and it's missing the bobbin slide plate, but the needle works.  I got this for the case, but I like the machine a lot so may hang onto for a while.

Here's my finds...

1947 Kenmore in cabinet - wining bid: $6
Not sure if it works, the wiring makes me a bit nervous and I really didn't expect to win it as I was the first bid (I felt sorry for it).  I love the look of the machine (reminds me of a Stealth Bomber), and may keep it after all, but I haven't decided yet.  That's "Queen" Tink's Kitty Castle/Condo in the background.

1960's Kenmore
Winning bid: $10.10
I wasn't sure about this one either, I bid on it because it was just so inexpensive and reminded me a bit of my mom's old Kenmore.  It stitches like a champ, but the bobbin case is rusty and makes the bobbin thread look dirty.  I didn't test the zig-zag either as the belt needs replacement too.  I did find a new home for her, with a single mom who's been dying for a sewing machine and is in college, so of course can't afford one.  I got her cleaned up, oiled, and checked her case out - a few minor cracks, but nothing that affects her running well.

1942 Singer model 15 - Crinkle finish!
Winning bid: $41
This little beauty surprised me, as they couldn't get the case lock open.  They did get it open enough to test it and it ran, so I figured I could use it for parts or whatever.  I wanted that case - bad.  Turns out the case was missing the latch on one side and it looked like someone tried to carry the case by the handle - a major no-no.  These bent wood Singer cases are meant to be carried by the hand holds on the bottom of the case, not the handle.  Once you carry one, you'll know why - they weigh a ton!  Drop one on your foot and you're guaranteed a broken bone somewhere.  Good news: the machine runs like a champ, is in great condition, and just needs a good oiling and a new bobbin wheel.

Neechi Model 522 - made in Japan (if the manual is correct)
Winning bid: $41 - I had to fight for this one
This model is based on one of the first stretch zig-zag machines available, and the woman who owned it took great care of it!  She kept all the paperwork, including the registration card which shows it was purchased in 1984 for $200 (but all I can find on the model info indicates this is a 60's built machine).  It has all of the manuals, but her family obviously didn't know to keep the attachments with it, so I may have to purchase a few feet.  Machine stitches beautifully and is designed for heavy fabrics and quilters.  This one will be used quite a bit I expect.

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