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How do I care for my tote bag?

I recommend washing them in cold water to hold onto the color. The new fabric tends to not be quite as "dye-hardy" as what we used to get, so cold is your best option. Feel free to throw them in the dryer on medium heat, but I'll warn you, you'll be ironing your tote if you're an anti-wrinkles person. To avoid that (I'm not a big fan of ironing) hand dry them by looping the handles over a plastic hanger and let them air dry.

What kind of fabrics do you use?

Typically I'm using cotton or poly/cotton blends. I have also used canvas, denim, polar fleece, and pressed velvet.  I'm up to the challenge for using any type of fabric now that I have some hefty vintage machines in the house.

Why the variation in pricing?

I usually buy my fabric on sale, but it still gets expensive, especially with character or licensed fabrics (think NFL/NHL/MLB/Disney).  Add to that the soaring cost of threads and needles, costs to post the items and PayPal fees and it starts to rise quickly. I price my items individually taking all costs into account and making sure there's some left over to donate to charity and restock my solid color fabric supplies.

Can I pick the charity?

If you're set on one particular charity and it makes sense, certainly I'll take your wishes into account. I do prefer that the Pink Ribbon tote orders go to a reputable breast cancer research organization.

However, I won't send a donation to a political, union, or religious charity though. I prefer less biased organizations that aren't typically publicly funded, like The Network, Safe Haven Animal Rescue, Gilda's Club and such.

How much goes to charity?

It depends on the bags. Typically though, a Pink Ribbon bag will end up making a $10 donation - even if I put it on sale - to Susan G. Komen.  The rest are percentages.

When you take a look at the cost of fabric, thread, power, machine maintenance it's amazing how quickly the costs add up! I'd love to peer over the shoulder of the big companies that are making reusable bags for resale at just $1.99 each to see how they do it.

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