Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Sewing Machine Project

I promise to post pictures soon, but I picked up another White 77 Series machine in a cabinet. This is an ultimate up-cycle. My friend will be taking the sewing machine, which not only needs some basic cleaning and a new rubber wheel, but also comes with the original books, buttonholer and accessories box! Pretty sweet deal for $12.00

The cabinet has been painted an awful butter yellow color, including all the hinges, and was not done "well". I've already sanded a patch off of the back panel and exposed a pretty blond wood color. I hope the rest looks like this, I'll find out.

I'll be using the cabinet as a video game console cabinet.  We needed something with drawers or doors that we could shut securely as our new puppy loves to chew everything, most particularly electrical cables. The borrowed kids will be happy to have all the systems in one place and a new flat screen TV.

Looking forward to what I hope is a quick sand and refinish project.

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